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 Pictures RC 2/7/09

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PostSubject: Pictures RC 2/7/09   Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:20 pm

Today was awesome. yeah

I am bad at the run-down....but here goes:

We had me and Chris in the Jeep (of course), Clay in his XJ, Ken and his wife in a "factory direct" (PC name for stock) TJ and Ken's brother (Phil) in his "factory direct" TJ, Bill in his bronco (SWEET), Paul in his CJ7 (with Mark's son....who I thought was Paul's son for most of the morning!!!!), Mark in his Blazer, Ed in his YJ, and Greg in his Toyota.....and we had our new buddy, Jeremy who rode along with a few people! He has a Bronco II we're going to get him out with next time!

We hit CV trail first.....all of us had to be winched out of CV trail except for mark and Greg, who turned around and made it back out the way we came. Chris' winch snapped. Ed's brake line busted. It was craziness!!! They fixed Ed's line enough to get him home on front brakes and he left.

Then we did Trail 2 and Frog Hole hill climb...everyone made it except for the 2 factory direct Jeeps. We did some other stuff that I can't remember and headed over to the playground for lunch.

We then headed down the Power Line and over to H. Out to the 10's and got muddy....stuck...unstuck...and muddy again. Chris blew through Milkshake, as well as Greg. HUGE ice chunks where someone had broken through before us. Then we got to Smoothie....which swallowed Chris up during the summer. was unbroken and looked to be frozen pretty good.

NOT! We got about a Jeep length into the main part of it and broke through. The ice was a good 5 inches thick. Greg tried to pull us out....denied. So Bill winched us out and we were on our way.

We did 11, 14, 19 and it was all a blast. The factory direct guys did a super job despite some stuck places. It was pretty slick out there.

We went back to staging area to say bye to Bill and Clay. Then went out and did "O" and Trail 4. Whipped around on the easy stuff on the way out and loaded up.

Like I said, I stink at the run-down thing....but I swear next time I will keep a journal. So much stuff happened. We had a great time and loved meeting the new people to the club!!!

Nine of us ended up at dinner for at The Goose and had a nice time. Then we headed for home.

Here are some pics and at the bottom, a link to the rest:

The Gang

The rest of them:

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PostSubject: Re: Pictures RC 2/7/09   Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:51 pm

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Pictures RC 2/7/09
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