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God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

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 Prayers needed

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PostSubject: Prayers needed   Sun Feb 01, 2015 6:16 pm

I am new here and haven't met any of you face to face but due to the fact that we are Christians feel that y'all can help me out.
Friday I received a call about a new job opportunity. I have been a heavy duty mechanic for over 20 years and enjoy what I do. Thank God I make a comfortable living for me and my family. The call I got on Friday was an offer to continue what I am doing, just working for another company. This new opportunity would require relocating my family to a different state, Alaska. The salary would be nearly double what I am currently making, and pay a sizeable signing/relocating bonus. That in itself made the offer at least worth considering. Problem is I have lived in NC for my whole life, never considered a move like this. Problem I have is that it is not just me I have to think about. I have a great wife and three wonderful kids. My oldest is nineteen and she is scheduled to graduate from college with her first degree in May. My middle is nine years old and he is in third grade. My youngest is seven and he is in first grade. My wife has a college degree but has always been a stay at home mom and is on board with whatever decision that I make. My kids don't know about this yet, I am just trying to weigh all of my options. I have never been to Alaska before. I don't know much about Alaska other than what I have seen on TV and the internet. I also don't have a clue about churches up there. Alaska isn't like travelling a couple of states away and checking everything out. I have a lot to think and pray about. I am asking for you gentlemen and ladies to help me to pray about this so that I can make the right decision for me and my family.
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PostSubject: Re: Prayers needed   Sun Feb 01, 2015 9:58 pm

That is a tough decision, especially when considering the kids. One of our members, XjXtian lived in Alaska (Anchorage area I think) for about two years, so she can probably give you some of the details about life in the great wilderness.

During our church service today the pastor talked about how the decisions we make, makes us and how we have to rely on God to help us make those decisions by staying prayerful which you are doing and recognize the sometimes God will move us out of our comfort zone to help us grow. Talking to your kids about it may not be a bad idea to get their thoughts and perspective. We will pray for you, for guidance and wisdom in making that decision and that whatever decision you make he continues to bless you and your family. Stay in his Word and in prayer. As long as you keep Him the center of your life and decisions He will take care of you.

God bless and keep us posted.
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Prayers needed
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