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 Man Weekend 2010

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PostSubject: Man Weekend 2010   Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:38 pm

This started as a bachelor party weekend at RC for me but we all decided that this is going to be a yearly event. Sorry ladies we love you and love having you wheel with us but one weekend a year it will be just us. You all can get together and do your nails or something.... Hahahaha you know I am only kidding . And Pattey you can stop hitting me now when you read this.

Got up there about 7 on Saturday and set up camp. We had some rain on the way up and it slowed us down a bit!!! Had a good time camping and were up by 7 to start wheel'n. I know that I will miss some trails but here is a rundown.

Started on 1C, no issues at all, then Mikey called and we went back to staging to pick him up. Left there and headed for the west side and did 10 a to 13 where Dennis went out into Rock Creek and amazed us with how well his Jeep was doing. Ran the rest of 13 with out any real problems. Then hit the 12's again with out too much problem. I got denied on 12c and had to take the bypass, it is getting pretty dug out. We posed for pics on the RTI rock and then had lunch. At lunch Mike discovered that the knob to engage his winch had broken at least it was engaged when it broke in case he needs it. After lunch went up the power line and played alittle on the playground. Again Dennis impressed us by doing the log climb and making it look easy! Headed South after that and took S to Lake Christy. Took the left hill climb out the back and Dennis made it up and I got stuck halfway and had to winch up. This is when it got real good. Mike then took the center exit and to say that I was impressed would be a understatement! He treated that hill like it owed him money$$$ We then headed for Snake bite. 50 feet into the trail Mike L and Greg noticed that my control arm had come apart on the rear drivers. No biggie to the bolt out and put it back together and we were ready to roll. Thanks Mike G for the tools and winch to move the axle. it was about 3 so we were talking about running the first leg then heading to Yellow Jacket to watch Dennis smack that trail around. We looked at the sky and changed out minds pretty quick. Colder wind started blowing and the sky got dark REAL fast. TIME TO GO!! Got off the trail and with in minutes it is pouring down rain. No big deal right? Well my top ( and frame), and doors are on the trailer Shocked II put it in 2wd and started booking for the staging area. Due to the rain and not being able to see I took a wrong turn whuch had us a little lost but thanks to Greg, Dennis, and Mikey who took the lead we were able to get out to the main road and saved about 10 minutes back to the staging area. By this time Mike L and I were soaking wet so I just put it on the trailer, put every thing on it and strapped it down. By the time that was done so was the rain but we were ready to go! Got the rest of camp packed and headed out. Mickey and Dennis were going to take back roads, and MIke G and Mike L (towing my Jeep) going down 81 to 83. Just got onto 81 and wanted to check the straps on the jeep , at this time Mike G said he had some "death wobble" but it was not too bad. Another 1/2 mile and it was too bad for him to drive. So we took mine off the trailer and put his on to go home. At exit 100 we meet up with Mikey and Dennis and I followed them the back roads.

Damage from the weekend

Mike G - Track bar
Chris - nothing
Dennis - Nothing

all in all that is a great weekend and I cannot wait to do it again

HERE are my pics of the weekend.

Special Thanks to:
Greg - always the best spotter around
Mike L - Towing my trailer and Jeep for me
Mike G - Showing us what open diffs and 33" tires can do
Dennis - putting it all together and bringing the food
Jack - Being there with us and sharing, hanging out.
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PostSubject: Re: Man Weekend 2010   Tue Jun 15, 2010 9:33 am

Man Weekend Rocked! So glad you had fun!!!

Us girls DIDN'T do our nails.....but hung out, ate Chinese food, had Pina Coladas (I had water Crying or Very sad ) and laughed our butts off. Especially wondering how you guys could possibly survive without us. And how you were all probably asleep by 10pm. I guess you did fine. But it WAS only a day!!!!


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PostSubject: Re: Man Weekend 2010   Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:27 pm

i had an AMAZING time and when riding with mike and he took that hill climb it was more like he knew he owned it i dont think once he got started he had any doubts we werent going to make it and we did more then make it as chris said he owned it lol.

thanx for having me up guys i needed it. and mike thanx again for letting me ride along!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Man Weekend 2010   Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:38 pm

JeeperX wrote:
Special Thanks to:
Greg - always the best spotter around

Awe shucks... Embarassed making me blush...

It was an awesome time. I just really wish I brought my 4Runner with me. Next time!

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PostSubject: Re: Man Weekend 2010   Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:15 pm

Had an AWESOME time...

Jack...Your always welcome brother...
Greg...No doubt an awesome spotter...
Mike L...Thanks again for the tow...
Chris...As always a pleasure...
Dennis...You rocked (no pun) haha...
Mikey...Great build as always...

Can't wait to do it again...Jeeps fixed so...haha..time to break it again.... group hug yeah
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PostSubject: Re: Man Weekend 2010   

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Man Weekend 2010
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