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God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

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 When i truely began to believe and have a friendship

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PostSubject: When i truely began to believe and have a friendship   Mon May 24, 2010 4:25 pm

To most of you who have met me never knew the old me. I wouldnt want you to. I did alot of growing up in bootcamp and after my daughter was born.

I was a bad kid stealing and not careing about anything but myself. Then alot changed i became a better person, i became a dad and knew that if i didnt change id lose everything. So i started going to church with my dad at Living word. things started getting worse and at that time i didnt realize that it was a test i thought it was going to church etc that was making my life miserable. So i stopped going and it got better or so i thought, yrs went by and during this time my dad tried so hard and prayed so hard for me to realize my mistake and since he couldnt get through to me someone esle could come into my life and help. so many months and yrs went on with no answer, till steve came into my life and i started hanging out with him. and with that said being the best friend i think i have really ever had he introduced me to this awesome group.

Now here is where faith and friendship come combined. For all that were on the Nov 22-24 run up to RC which was my first trip and my first meeting of AO members. sat was an awesome day fun filled wheeling and friends. But Sun is where it all changed. As most of the group had to leave sat night due to work etc... steve paul and i were left with darrell and finding a new group to wheel with. We talked to the people camped next to us but something just didnt seem right with them so we decided to talk to more people. Thats where we met an awesome group of people wheeling in our difficulty rating. heres where the story takes not only a turn for the worst but also an eye and heart opening experience.

Paul a young kid typical teenager talks to much thinks he knows more then most about cars etc thats to be expected. So as we are wheeling we ALMOST tip over he got scared and wanted to just walk along for a bit taking pics. So as he was ahead of us someone got stuck on some rocks and we were rying to get a line for him to make it over. As we just noticed out of the corner of our eyes paul seemd to look like he slipt and fell then started shaking. I thought it was just a teenager being a typical teenager and showing off till i saw everyones faces. As i drew closer i noticed he was convulsing uncontrolably and was incoherent to people. Here is where i began to believe. One of the members that was with us in the new group was in fact a trained and certified EMT. Which he knew what to and not to do. so as time came and went paul stopped convulsing and was stabalized but didnt know who what where when why and how he got there if you get my drift. As steve and i attemt to bring him to the jeep cause the EMS as we all know wouldnt have made it to where we were. alot of people stopped allong the green trail asking if we were ok and if we needed help. i was amazed. as im holding paul from the back seat so i know he was restrained well for the road back to the stageing area i began thinking if this was the work of our lord? and as we waited for the EMS to come i still was thinking, i had to drive steves jeep back to the stageing area to pick up his truck and wait for a phone call to know how to get to the hospital he was going to ........ so i waited and waited and waited....... no call. Then i remembered i had an Iphone with google lol so i googled the hospital got the address and put it in the GPS and made it to the hospital. after the whole ordeal paul was ok and we were all thankful. This started my road to having a friendship with the lord. As we were driving home after we dropped paul off i asked if what i was thinking at the time was a lil odd. I was thinking what if "he" wanted us to go with the second group cause "he" knew something was going to happen to paul and knew there was an EMS tech with them?

So i went home and my dad explained it all about how god answered his prayers bringing steve and AO into my life and how its not ironic or a coinicidence that things happen that its his will and or his way. so after that and all this winter i began to discover my friendship with the lord. i noticed things i havent before i noticed that eventhough i was shown the way i didnt take it. i couldnt tell you how many people i helped this winter due to not being a selfish arrogant ******* (exploitive deleted lol) how much i had to suffer to believe but i now know why. i wouldnt have such good friends and i wouldnt be as far along with my rig as i am i wouldnt have a renewed faith and now able to listen to my dad when we talk about religion etc.....

i hope this helps people to help others.

I now know i am nolonger a selfish person i do what i can when i can to help and most of the times dont ask or expect anything in return. I wish all people could live this way the world would be alot better if people in general werent so greedy and selfish.

So i must say thank you to all my friends family people i know and especially steve and my dad for finally opening my eyes to why having a friendship with the lord is so important in my life


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PostSubject: Re: When i truely began to believe and have a friendship   Mon May 24, 2010 8:10 pm

wow, Jack. comfort we're so glad you're here!!! you made me cry!!! hahahaaa! Nice testimony!!!

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PostSubject: Re: When i truely began to believe and have a friendship   Mon May 24, 2010 8:43 pm

Great testament Jack. If you feel like ever need a person to talk to or ANYTHING just call. Satan will try to get you back in his fold and make it look like a great thing.

You are His now and that cannot be taken away by anyone just given away by us.
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PostSubject: Re: When i truely began to believe and have a friendship   

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When i truely began to believe and have a friendship
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